Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five

The Friday Five is hosted by Kate at Kate's Library.

Last week I started my list of links and never even got around to finishing it up. I'm going to try and be better this week, even though the new Kim Edwards book, The Lake of Dreams, is calling my name and I am sooooo close to finishing it.

1. As a huge fan of The Babysitter's Club, I loved this post looking at where those girls might be today.

2. And, since I am becoming nostalgic about these most beloved books, I also enjoyed Kay's post about her favorite girl sleuths.

3. USA Today's Winter Book Calendar is up. I love looking at just about to be released books and adding to my TBR list.

4. I have yet to sign up - and need to get on it quickly- but Margo at The Fourth Musketeer is inviting bloggers to help celebrate Women's History Month.

5. Lisa at Books Lists Life has a post up about her top ten pantry staples. I am still trying to come up with mine. In no specific order the ones I am always wanting to have on hand: milk, bread, eggs, peanut butter, noodles, cheese, oatmeal, apples, ... I have 2 more slots to fill and I'm stuck. What about you? I like Lisa's post and am planning on checking her responses again later.


Lisa said...

I really expected more variety in the pantry! Still interesting.

Sarah said...

I always seem to need garlic. I buy fresh garlic almost every week, I'm always using it in something.

Katie said...

Too funny! I actually just posted that BSC "article" on Book Love! I thought it was a little depressing in some places - especially to see how so many of the girls had drifted apart! But it gave me a good laugh :)