Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Still Dream About You

Fannie Flagg's books are ones I am always excited to hear about and look forward to reading. While I like some better than others, I enjoy the quirky characters, the Southern setting, and Flagg's touch of humor. I Still Dream About You was a great addition to Flagg's collection of work, a book I enjoyed and was entertained by.

Maggie Fortenberry is planning her suicide. In most books this would be depressing, but in Flagg's book, it mostly humorous. Maggie can't find anything to look forward to, so decides that she should just buy a raft, get rid of her personal possessions and money, and disappear. Except things keep happening to make her postpone her plans. Each time as the time draws near, Maggie's "to do" list grows too long for her to leave and she ends up delaying her departure. Maggie's friends at the real estate office where she works have no idea about Maggie's plans. Brenda is more concerned about her diet, trying to sneak food past her sister, Robbie, who she lives with. Everyone in the office is working to keep their real estate company open despite the poor economy and the somewhat unethical behavior of their competitor, Babs Bingington. They also continue to miss Hazel, the woman who started Red Mountain Realty, and despite her 3'4" stature, lived life to the fullest and continues to leave her mark in the world after her death. Flagg throws in a bit of mystery when Maggie and Brenda come across a skeleton in the attic of a home they are trying to sell. Both women decide to hide the skeleton, but lose a foot they must locate before someone else does.

I Still Dream About You is Flagg doing what she does best - creating a great cast of characters and plenty of laughs.

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The Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like a funny book, despite the suicide part of it. :P