Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five

The Friday Five is hosted by Kate at Kate's Library.

Here's my five - and if I get going this may even be posted on a Friday!

1. Chicken Spaghetti has a great post linking to many different lists of best books for the year. I can hardly wait to visit these lists a little longer and start making my own TBR list of these titles.

2. The Shortlist for the Morris Awards was announced. I have only read one of the titles and loved it. Some of the others don't interest me much, but I will admit that this list seems very diverse, which is a good thing.

3. The Pragmatic Mom has a link for a great recipe - homemade granola from Nigella Lawson . Right now this sounds really good!

4. Kate Messner talks about Sugar and Ice, her new novel on The Reading Zone. I am waiting for my Amazon order to arrive. This one has been on my list for a while.

5. This link is one I came across on SuperLibrarian's blog. I love looking at home library designs and dreaming. These examples are amazing.


Kate said...

Great five! Granola please!!!

Capability said...

Pragmatic's Mom Granola recipe is great and I look forward to more books to read - Thanks!