Monday, November 15, 2010


Allie Larkin's debut novel is another great book that has come my way (via the library) this month. Everyone knows I love memoirs, but another type of book I really love is debut novels. There is something so exciting about discovering a new author, finding yet another wonderful creator of a story that is a pleasure to spend time reading.

Savannah Leone, in her late twenties has just married off her best friend Janie to the secret crush/love of her life Peter. Janie and Savannah grew up together - Janie as rich and pampered, Savannah as the daughter of Janie's maid. Although Diane (Janie's mom) and Savannah's mom were friends, it seems now that Diane is trying to pay Savannah to stay away from her daughter and her new husband, seeing how Savannah really feels about Peter. Savannah feels more alone than ever. She has never known her father. Her mother died of breast cancer. Feeling betrayed by Diane, and left out of Peter and Janie's new life, Savannah gets drunk one night and ends up ordering a dog on the internet.
When Joe, the German Shepherd, arrives he is no ordinary dog. Joe is a pure bred German Shepherd from Slovakia. And while he is just a puppy, he is already enormous. Savannah takes him to the vet, thinking there is something wrong with her new pet, and ends up dating Alex, the lovable, kind doctor.
All this takes place early on in the novel, so predictably it isn't all smooth sailing. Savannah and Alex go through some tough times - and Savannah must confront her feelings for Peter, deciding what she really wants for her future.
While this might be predictable, it is a fun read. I enjoyed Savannah - a character that seemed very human and lovable despite her flaws. It was easy to root for her and Alex and wish them the best.
I have had the good luck in November of reading some great debut novels that have been fun and entertaining. My hope is that Larkin, like the other debut authors, continues to write such quality books in the future.

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