Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick Day

I am so lucky that I rarely get sick (knock on wood). But, I have been battling a stomach bug and two of my daughters are also sick. Since my husband is out of town, we sent my oldest daughter on the bus, and the rest of us laid around today. I hate missing work. I am always worried that I am missing something at work. I also feel extremely guilty - so much that even though I am sick I still feel bad about missing. Today the substitute that was supposed to do my job was put in a classroom instead since she didn't have one. That meant the library was closed all day. I heard from another teacher that it was very sad to see the dark library (located in the center of our building with big windows that everyone looks in) all day long. I would agree. Luckily I am feeling better and one of my daughters is, too. My middle daughter is going to spend the day with her grandma resting a bit longer.

Tonight I am still hoping to finish The Bells tonight and have started a middle grade book, The Hard Kind of Promise by Gina Willner-Pardo. Today I had a little more time to read while laying around, but the stacks are still out of control.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Hope u r feeling better Tina. We had that nasty stomach bug in the summer...no fun.