Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Five

The Friday Five is hosted by Kate at Kate's Library.

1. The site I visited the most frequently this past week has been nothing book related at all. I am totally entertained by the Today Show's music debut. Taio Cruz's Dynamite, done by the Today Show has been my youtube favorite.

2. National Book Awards were announced this week. I have already read Mockingbird and enjoyed it.

3. The Elevensies is a great site featuring tween and YA debut authors in 2011. I especially enjoy looking at their book covers- not that I judge a book by its cover or anything.

4. Last year I tried a new pumpkin recipe for Thanksgiving. Right about now there are tons of new pumpkin recipes - at least new to me- that I would love to try. This one is at the top of my list.

5. Meg's post about being a list maker makes me smile. I have lists going all the time. My problem is being able to locate the list when I need it.

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