Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Five

The Friday Five is hosted by Kate at Kate's Library.

Once again, it is Saturday and I am just getting around to posting some great links that I have been excited to have found during the past week. While I look forward to weekends to catch up on some house cleaning and reading, along with errand running, longer workouts, a little extra sleep, and church, this weekend has been full of social events for us. We had another family and their three daughters over for supper last night. Today we ran our weekly errands, and then attended a Halloween party hosted at another family's home. The thrill was a haunted barn, children's carnival, and hayride. Tomorrow we have church to attend, Sunday School, a trip to look at furniture for a new TV/media center since our television died a few weeks ago (more on that later) and trick or treating. There is obviously not much time listed for leisure reading. Sigh. I have started Gone by Michael Grant, which is moving along quickly. This one is sort of out of my normal reading comfort zone, so I am anxious to see what I think as I get a bit further into it.

1. Last weekend was KidlitCon in Minneapolis. I'm still a bit sad I missed out, but have been checking the website to find out about all the events.

2. At the Praire Library there is a very interesting and thought provoking post about the content that is posted on Facebook or Twitter being saved - perhaps used by human resource departments when a person applies for a job to find out more about the applicant. The Library of Congress saves every Tweet...this is fitting right in with my fifth grade internet safety unit and the discussions we have been having about being very careful about what you put out there about yourself on the internet.

3. I am seriously debating buying the Little Librarian playset for my kids. A few years ago I purchased them "Future Librarian" t-shirts. This little kit would let them act out their librarian fantasies.

4. Pragmatic Mom offers up a list of best novels in verse. I will admit this is not a type of book I seek, yet when I have allowed myself to read a novel written in verse, I am usually blown away.

5. Lori at Lori's Lessons offers a touching post about the impact we teachers make on a child's life, offering up two different perspectives: as a parent of a child, and as the teacher of a child.
What other great posts have you read that I don't want to miss?

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Kate said...

Great Five!! No guilt about getting it out on a Saturday. In truth, I've thought about making it a Saturday thing, but "The Saturday Five" doesn't have the same ring to it. :)

Sounds like you're up to all things fallish! Happy Halloween!

Also, I love the idea of your kids acting out their librarian fantasies! :)