Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Five

Kate from Kate's Library hosts the Friday Five.
This week I am not posting as ridiculously late as I have the past few weeks. We have just come home from a Friday night football game, having watched my oldest two daughters perform a dance routine at halftime. Thank goodness the weather was still lovely, but we left right after halftime with the intent of having a somewhat early bedtime. (Instead, I decided to write a post and my kids decided to eat some leftover dessert pizza and play mancala).
1. Another, Kate, Kate Messner, the author of The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z, a great tween realistic fiction author, has a great post that should get people thinking about middle grade readers who become high school non-readers and why that is.
2. KidlitCon 2010 is this weekend. Just ask me how bummed out I am that I am not there. Last year, when it was in Washington, DC, I didn't go because it was too far away. The year before when it was in Portland, OR, it was too far away and I had just started blogging. This year it is close - a few hours drive. So why am I not there? I was going to attend my fifteen year college reunion. But now I'm not. And I could have been in the Twin Cities meeting some people I already feel like I know and learning a whole lot about blogging. I read Melissa Wiley's post about her upcoming departure for KidlitCon, and became really rather depressed. Sigh. Maybe in 2011.
3. Time has a list of Top 10 Things that kids today will never experience. I always love lists like this.
4. Pragmatic Mom has article after article I find interesting. Just this week I have read and copied two articles for my kindergarten teachers specifically about a balanced kindergarten program.
5. Ti at Book Chatter is looking for book recommendations for her son, who is rather sick of books about vampires, talking animals and eating disorders. I can totally understand. I am enjoying reading the responses and suggestions that are being made for her son.

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