Friday, September 24, 2010

Silencing Sam

Julie Kramer is back with another great mystery in her Riley Spartz series. While I don't read a ton of mysteries, I do like ones that are a part of a series - and these are fast moving and entertaining- perfect for me.

Set in Minneapolis, reporter Riley Spartz is once again tangled up in a murder. Gossip columnist Sam Pierce is murdered just days after Spartz gets in trouble for throwing a glass of wine in his face - after Sam printed some not-so-nice (and incorrect) information about Riley's current romance. Spartz is on the list of suspects and decides to do some sleuthing on her own. While Pierce's murder is making the news, Riley supposed involvement has forced her to give up her reporter role on this story, allowing the new guy at the station to take the glory. Clay Burrell, Riley's latest competition at the television station, is a Texas transplant that grates on Riley's nerves. The story Spartz is sent to cover is one in her small rural community as farmers explore wind energy as a source of power. Explosions, the unexplained deaths of many bats, and finally the loss of life create another subplot.

In this installment we learn a little more about Riley and where she came from as we are introduced to her parents and hometown. The changing economy and the decline in need for print journalism is explored a bit as well. While this book may not win accolades for its writing style, it is a fun read, and a great series to explore.

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