Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July Accomplishments

Today I did finish reading a book - review tomorrow, I promise- but also had a few other summer firsts:

Little Sister slept so late this morning I had to have my husband check on her to make sure she was still breathing. I managed to get to church and back and sit around for a while before she woke up. Guess her cousin's birthday party last night (and perhaps some allergy problems) really wiped her out. It was 11:10 AM before she got out of bed!!

We made our first family trip to Dairy Queen this evening. Something we like to do, but haven't had a chance yet this year because we have been busy with outdoor projects like shingling our house, laying more dirt and replanting grass after the skid loader we used to move shingles made a few deep tracks in our yard. Even though it was cold and rainy here, the kids enjoyed their icecream....I am feeling quite virtuous because I didn't even order anything for myself.

Had my longest treadmill run - perhaps ever! 12.10 miles. Feeling good, although there is a reason I didn't order any ice cream at Dairy Queen.

Tomorrow we are off to Des Moines to visit my sister and brother-in-law and eat some P. F. Chang's for supper. Tuesday will be an eventful day at Adventureland with some friends. I am planning on posting a review tomorrow, but we will have to see about Tuesday. I could use my sister's computer, but my internet addiction is really getting in the way of housework and real life, so I am going to try and be technology-free until we return home.

Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!

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