Thursday, July 22, 2010

Between Two Worlds

Roxana Saberi was a journalist working in Iran when she was taken prisoner by the Iranians and became a worldwide figure (unbeknownst to her) as her parents and boyfriend drew attention to her case, pleading for her freedom.

Saberi had spent six years in Iran, initially having no intention staying for such a long time. Yet as the years passed, Saberi enjoyed her time in the country her father had been born in, and had begun work on a book focusing on the Iranian way of life that she wanted to share with the West. Saberi always knew that the way things worked in Iran didn't always make sense and rules seemed to shift depending on the mood and administration. Yet, she enjoyed her life there.

Her arrest came unexpectedly, and Saberi was taken away and questioned repeatedly. Finally, after continued threats by her captors, Saberi gave in and gave false information in an attempt to gain her freedom.

Saberi's book is her recollection of the events that took place after her arrest, as well as those leading up to it. While in captivity she was allowed no pencil or paper, and therefore had to reconstruct events according to her memory.

When Saberi failed to send her daily email to her parents or return home to her apartment, her family and boyfriend were alerted to her disappearance. While she was unaware of what was going on in the outside world, efforts were being made to obtain her release, and Saberi was featured in newspapers around the globe. Relying on her faith, Saberi spent her months in prison praying for her release, but at peace with her decision to eventually recant her initial testimony and tell the truth.
Today Saberi lives in her North Dakota hometown and speaks to groups about her experience in Iran. As she promised a fellow inmate in Evin prison, the message she conveys is not just about the Iranian government and their corrup court system, but about the wonderful people she met along the way: citizens looking for a way to live their lives, have families and hold jobs, awaiting some of the freedoms that we take for granted.


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