Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Let Me Lie Down

Kristin van Ogtrop's humorous account of a working mother's trials had me laughing out loud. I could totally relate to many of the stories van Ogtrop's shares about her life as a working mother. This week, as I finish up my school year, I probably relate to van Ogtrop's anecdotes more than during some other week. I truly feel like there is way too much to do and have been running around the school nearly all day, only to finally find it's time to go home, and there is not much I can cross of my "to do" list.

This book is an easy read - organized alphabetically, each working mom term is then described in a paragraph, or page or two, always with a bit of humor, and usually is something I can totally relate to. While van Ogtrop pokes fun at herself and her lack of time she has to spend on herself, her picture on the back flap tells a different story - van Ogtrop doesn't give herself enough credit - she is an attractive blond (that is possibly genetically blessed in the looks department) mother who appears approachable and friendly - someone another mom would enjoy having for a friend.

While van Ogtrop does discuss her lack of time for leisure, she has an impressive career as the editor of Real Simple, yet still found time to write this book and mother her three sons. She is an example that while having it all might not be realistic, you can come awfully close - and still retain your sense of humor while doing it.

I think a lot of my friends would enjoy this book and be able to relate to van Ogtrop's stories. Humorous and a bit inspirational as it gives moms a little reassurance that they are doing their best job in raising their children.

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Lisa said...

I won this one recently and just got it in the mail. It's near the top of my stack, but it certainly sounds like one I could dip in and out of.