Monday, June 7, 2010

Joining the 21st Century - Finally!

Two years ago my sister purchased a new computer for herself since she was starting graduate school. Along with her new computer came an iPod. She generously bestowed on me her old iPod which she thought I would be able to use and enjoy. I told her thanks, sure that yes, someday I would use this lovely thing. However, we had dial up internet. And my husband, who received an iPod shuffle from his parents for Christmas hadn't broken his gift out of the box yet. Time passed quickly. Every once in a while I would glance at the iPod sitting on the top of my dresser gathering dust. I think my sister inquired about it a time or two. If she was irritated by how little I gushed about it and the fact that I hadn't even turned it on, she didn't express it to me.

Well, last week it dawned on me that I have two tech-savvy high schoolers working for me in the library. Before they leave me for the summer I want them to show me how to download songs and audio books. I have started running outside again, too, and even though I can do some daydreaming while running, I would also enjoy listening to something from time to time. These past few days I have been getting a few lessons in all things iPod related. I am also becoming more aware of how generous my sister was by giving this to me. Little did I know she has almost 3,000 songs on it already, just waiting for me. And that I am able to download movies and podcasts and tv shows. Wow! I will have a lot of fun playing with this all summer if I can wrestle it away from my children who are already arguing over who gets to use it.

So, two years later, I am really thankful for my sister's gift to me. I hope she hasn't given up on me entirely appreciating has taken me a while to join the 21st century!

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