Sunday, May 23, 2010

Think Twice

I have been reading some of Lisa Scottoline's books for several years, but never have developed such a passion for her work that I just have to read each book the moment it comes out. A few months ago I read Scottoline's book Look Again, the story of a mother who saw her son's picture on a missing child flier. I was instantly intrigued by this story and absolutely loved that book. So, I was very excited to see Scottoline's latest book Think Twice come out. I started last night, and was immediately into the fast paced story. However, almost immediately I realized that the people that Scottoline was writing about were recurring characters in a series she writes. Because I have read the series so sporadically I am never quite sure if things actually follow in any order or if these books could stand alone and simply have the same recurring characters. Even though I didn't need any previous information to get into Think Twice, I'm the type of person who likes to read a series in order, so knowing that these characters were a part of some form of a series continues to bother me as I wonder what I am missing.

Bennie Rosato is an attorney who happens to have a twin sister, Alice. While Bennie is the "good sister," Alice is the evil twin, full of ways to cause harm and sadness to others. While the two grew up separately, in adulthood Bennie has to deal with Alice, first by defending her against a murder charge. When Alice comes back into Bennie's life this time, she drugs her sister then buries her alive and then tries to assume her identity in order to get at Bennie's money. Alice is able to fool everyone in Bennie's life, and when Bennie finally breaks free and tries to resume her identity and put Alice away no one is sure who to believe. The two are identical and Bennie's story seems rather implausbile.

This one was fast paced and entertaining. Anyone looking for a bit of suspense and light reading won't be disappointed.

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