Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wendy Mass

Today was our annual 5th grade author visit at the local public library. I am so glad that these past few years my principal has allowed me to attend this event, too. After all, isn't promoting literacy a part of my job? And what is more inspiring than seeing a real live author?

This year, Wendy Mass, author of Eleven Birthdays, Every Soul a Star, a Mango-Shaped Space, among several other books, was the visiting author. I always love to hear how authors got their start...maybe it's because I secretly (or not so secretly) would love to write a book myself and am always fascinated by the different ways authors are able to achieve success at this. I also enjoy having my picture taken with the author as well....a celebrity! In this picture is Wendy Mass in the middle. I am on the left, and my student teacher is on the right. Mass did a great job of answering students' questions about her books as well as sharing her path to becoming a published author. Inspiring.

I actually own several of Mass' books, and meeting her has made me want to move them to the top of my TBR pile.

Visit Wendy Mass' website.


Inside A Book said...

How cool! I love author's visits to schools. A few years ago we had Paticia Polacco come and my 1st graders LOVED it. They really "became" authors after she visited!! I met Jon Scieszka at a book festival this year and it almost felt giddy!! Thanks for sharing!

Peaceful Reader said...

I did really enjoy her talk and the picture is great...I was not brave enough to ask her.