Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Lucky

A few days ago I saw Natasha's review of Get Lucky by Katherine Center posted on her blog. I didn't even let myself read it because I already had a copy of Get Lucky sitting on my library stack just waiting to be read, and I knew that reading a review of it might give away more than I wanted to know.

So, instead of reading the books that I really should read - the ones at the top of my pile because they are due very soon - I took a break and read Get Lucky. Reading Center's latest book, is like revisiting a good friend. I love her writing and the stories she develops. I am always confused as to how to label her books - they feel sort of chick-lit-ish, but yet, they usually have a little deeper message than a chick lit book does.

Get Lucky is the story of two sisters, Sarah and Mackie. Sarah is single in New York City, loving her life. Mackie is married, living in their hometown of Houston, unable to stay pregnant. When Sarah loses her job and moves in with Mackie and her husband, Clive, she volunteers to be a surrogate for her sister. There is much more to this story as Sarah is forced to come to terms with the loss of her mother when she was just a child, the high school boyfriend she broke up with, and who is now back in town and very appealing, and the change she and her sister face in their relationship because of Sarah's role as a surrogate.

This is another great book by Center - I hope she is already at work on her next novel because I am already looking forward to it.