Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Living Oprah

Robyn Okrant's book, Living Oprah: My One Year Experiment to Walk the Walk with the Queen of Talk is an interesting and entertaining memoir recounting a year of Okrant's life as she tried to adhere to the many bits of advice Oprah hands out daily.

Okrant's book is broken up by month where she discusses the various advice Oprah dispenses at the time - either on her show or in her magazine. Okrant is probably much like myself in that prior to this she was not an avid Oprah fan, just someone who may or may not catch Oprah's show or read her magazine. Okrant does focus on the advice that Oprah gives, but she also gives us a look at her life outside of Oprah. As a memoir-lover, this book was right up my alley, even more than I thought it would be. I enjoyed the humor Okrant infused in her writing, and also the monetary amount that she spent each month while trying to take Oprah's advice. Okrant feels much as I do....Oprah is able to give some advice that is good, yet advice from her about uncluttering your life seems rather unbelievable since it isn't something someone who owns her own jet and several homes is practicing herself.

I really enjoyed this memoir, and have also been enjoying reading Okrant's blog,

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