Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knit the Season

I know I have read posts from other people who read different Christmas-themed books around the holidays, and the truth is, I always look at these books and intend to read them around the holidays. I check them out around the holidays, but the actual reading gets done a little bit later than that. I read Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs this weekend. This is the third book featuring Jacobs' Friday Night Knitting Club characters. I enjoyed the first book, and thought the second was not quite as good. The third falls somewhere in between the two. There is some closure for some characters who are able to find happiness, and yet the book leaves things open enough that another book could be published someday.

Dakota, Georgia's daugher is pursuing her dream to become a chef and has the possibility of working at an internship at a high class restaurant over Christmas break. Unbeknownst to her, her father has purchased plane tickets for them to fly over to Scotland to be with her great grandmother for the holidays. Catherine is in love with Marco, the sexy Italian she met while in Italy, who happens to be related to Anita in a roundabout way. Anita has almost settled into married life with Marty, if it weren't for her son, Nathan, who continually thwarts their wedding plans. Peri is still working on her Peri Pocketbooks and looking at different career opportunities. Darwin didn't receive a lot of mention in this book - certainly not a lot of plot for her.

Still the theme of friendship and loyalty rings out in this book, showing that even as years have passed, these women still find time for each other and share a bond that they credit Georgia (Dakota's mother) with. I enjoyed the different memories of Georgia that are included, making her feel like she is still a part of this story even though she is no longer alive.

Despite the fact that I didn't read this in December for the holidays, I enjoyed this book and reconnecting with familiar characters.

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