Friday, December 11, 2009

Operation Yes

Sara Lewis Holmes' book Operation Yes was a perfect snowy day read. Now that I have cleared out a good portion of my library books I have actually read a few things of my own- books that aren't even dust covered yet.

Operation Yes is a book with a great teacher - the creative kind that I love reading about and wish I could be. Ms. Loupe is into theatre and is starting an improv group for her students. She brings an ugly couch into her classroom, a castoff from a production that has signatures on the bottom, including her brother Marc's who is fighting overseas.

The kids in Ms. Loupe's class know a lot about fighting and war - this is an army school and kids move in and out frequently. Bo is worried he and his family will have to move again and can't commit to an improv group that will go on long after he is gone. Gari his cousin has come to live with his family since her mother was deployed. Originally not happy to be there, Gari, Bo and the rest of Ms. Loupe's class band together to raise money for injured soldiers after Ms. Loupe's brother Marc is injured in the war.

I am interested to see how kids react to this book. I really enjoyed it and was happy to have long spans of reading time these past few days to get to spend reading.

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Peaceful Reader said...

I have to pick this one back up again!