Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Wish For Christmas

Thomas Kinkade's Cape Light series is a nice, entertaining story about the inhabitants of the small town of Cape Light. While not a thrilling read, I continue to check in with the Cape Light residents to find out what is happening in their lives.
It's been a few years since I have read a Thomas Kinkade book, and I think I missed the one prior to A Wish For Christmas, but I found Kinkade's latest during my last trip to the library and was excited for a visit to Cape Light again.
A Wish For Christmas focuses on some familiar character: Lillian Warwick is still up to her old tricks. She is especially upset by the fact that her granddaughter Sara and Sara's husband Luke are moving to Boston. They will no longer be living with her and Lillian's daughters are worried for their mother's safety. Lillian's longtime friend, Ezra remains by her side, while trying to help Lillian realize she must make some changes to her living situation.
Grace and her father, Digger, unexpectedly come into some money and try to find a way to use their good fortune to help others.
Jack, his wife Julie, her daughter, Kate and Jack's son David work at family life after David returns home injured in war. David has physical and emotional problems to deal with. While the rest of the Cape Light characters I remember from previous novels, I was never able to place these characters from my Cape Light memories. David's story was compelling and very timely based on current events.

As always Kinkade delivered another dose of Cape Light stories just as interesting as the very first book I read in this series. As usual, plotlines are tied up neatly by novel's end, but always leave room for another chapter to unfold at some later point.

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