Monday, September 28, 2009


This is another book I have had hanging out in my TBR pile of library books. I almost took it back because I knew I was running out of time to get it read, and once again am happy that I took the time to read it. (I wonder how many great books I miss because I just truly run out of time and can't get through them all).

Jennifer Bradbury has created a book that can be for both boys and girls, a sports book for sports lovers and those who are ambivalent. A book about friendship, of not getting along with a friend, and secrets.

Childhood friends, Chris and Win embark on a post-high school graduation bicycle trip across the country. Chris' parents are not excited by this plan, but allow Chris to go, worrying about him the entire time. When he returns he comes back without Win, who has left him to finish the ride solo. Chris thinks that Win will eventually turn up, but time passes and Win contacts no one. His wealthy parents who have appeared apathetic to their son up until now try to use their money as leverage to get Chris to reveal where Win might be. However, Chris doesn't know where his friend is, either. In retrospect Chris is able to find some inconsistencies in Win' story, but those alone don't really explain where Win may be now. Chris goes on a search for his friend all by himself, hoping to use some of the postcards he has received as clues to Win's whereabouts.

Chris narrates the story alternating between portions of the trip and the present time when he has begun his freshman year in college.

This book was suspenseful and also a story about friendship and finding yourself. For those readers in need of a sports book this book fits the bill as well. A great read.


Peaceful Reader said...

I'm glad you read it!!

Kristin said...

I read this. Didn't I tell you? I enjoyed it quite a bit.