Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Fictional Towns

Jen Robinson posted a few days ago on Booklights about her five top fictional towns. Thinking back to my own reading from childhood, there are some fictional towns I feel like I could move to.
The Girls of Canby Hall by Emily Chase takes place in Green Leaf, MA. I can see the Canby Hall campus, the dorm where Dana, Faith and Shelly live, and the different restaurants and stores that make up this fictional town. I grew up dreaming of attending a boarding school myself and I read and reread these books so often that I feel as though this town is my own.

River Heights, Nancy Drew's hometown is another town I have read a great deal about. While many of the locations only are referenced in one or two mysteries, the number of books set in River Heights is huge, and Nancy is the quintessential teen sleuth.

Sweet Valley, California - How could I miss the fictional hometown of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, the beautiful, nearly perfect blond twins in this series? Sweet Valley is as wonderful as its name implies: full of California sun and beautiful weather. As a teen reader of this series Sweet Valley made my own hometown pale in comparison.

Portland, Oregon - Beverly Cleary's Ramona lives on Klickitat Street in Portland, which we come to know as a nice, although somewhat rainy, place for her family to reside. Helpful neighbors like Howie's grandma and other family, make it seem as though the Quimbys could live close to you. Since Cleary is a native of the Pacific northwest her rendering of this setting as Ramona's hometown is accurate.

New York City - Judy Blume is known for her ability to truly "get" kids and even though her books are set in an urban setting, unfamiliar to me in my youth, a lot of what she wrote still rang true to me. Blume's books do often feel a little bit more worldly than the place I live, but I have read and enjoyed every single kids book that Blume has written and know she understands kids from all across the country.

What fictional towns do you remember from your childhood?

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