Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey...Look at this!

It's Friday afternoon and Peaceful Reader and I are having a great time at a meeting of school librarians. My big a-ha moment is learning how to put my signature on my posts. Too cool. We are also learning a few other things more relevant to our jobs, but this is an awful lot of fun. So, I am going to have a great time playing around with this for a while.
I also have had my best mail week yet. Louanne Johnson sent me an ARC of her book Muchacho to review. I am so excited to start reading. Kidliterate has already written a glowing review of this book, so I have high expectations.
I have high hopes for a weekend of reading.
Check out my signature. What do you think?

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Peaceful Reader said...

I love it!! It is very distinctive!