Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where Has Summer Gone?

Tomorrow morning I have my first scheduled meeting at school. This is a special meeting for teacher librarians in the district, so not everyone is back, but I realized today that my last "free" Monday was last week. Tomorrow is booked up with school stuff as is next Monday, and the 17th is our first official contract day. I enjoy school and having a routine, but thinking about it right now is not making me very happy.
I am also tired because we took a quick two day trip to Chicago this weekend where my family stayed with my cousin at his house. The weekend was relaxing because we really didn't do too much. Yesterday we spent four hours at the Museum of Science and Industry which we enjoyed, but four hours might have been pushing things a bit for all of us. We also spent time sitting on the beach at Lake Michigan with the girls being thrilled with finding pretty rocks to collect. Other than that, we had some good food, jumped on the backyard trampoline and watched movies in his theatre in the basement of his house. And, for me, any trip is relaxing if there is the opportunity for leisure reading. I managed to read three books over the course of this trip which was wonderful. I am too tired to write any decent reviews tonight, but tomorrow I will have had time to sort out which ones I want to blog about- maybe all three of them since I liked them all a lot. My only problem right now is deciding what to read next. The piles are huge, but I think I am in one of my moods where I almost have too many choices and just can't make a selection. Usually toward the end of summer I have this problem....I just have to wait for it to pass and then get reading again.

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