Monday, August 24, 2009

When You Wish

When You Wish by Kristin Harmel is a cute tween read. Star Beck is a mega-superstar. And, though there are things she does like about her lifestyle, there are also things she is tired of. Like her mother controlling everything she does. And having people always watching her. When she discovers that the father she has not seen since she was three years old has been trying to contact her for six years and her mother has kept it a secret from her, Star decides to take action. Cutting and coloring her hair, along with wearing glasses, Star takes off by bus for Florida to find her father. She ends up buying a cute pink VW Beetle on the way, and once there gets a job waitressing at a restaurant where she finds a nice, cute boy to fall for. Star does find her father and though she wants to believe that he has always cared for her, something in what he says doesn't ring true. And, it is only a matter of time before Star must go back to her real life and who she is.

This book was a fun, fast read. Parts of it were perhaps predictable, but that didn't lessen my enthusiasm for this story. While the characters in the book are in their upper teens, this book has more of a tween feel to me.

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