Thursday, August 13, 2009

When It Happens (YA)

I have been hearing about Susane Colasanti, but up til now had not read anything by her. I enjoyed When It Happens and wish I could lay my hands on a copy of her newest book that was recently published.

Colasanti's first book is narrated alternately by Sara and Tobey. Sara is a brain and looking forward to graduating and going to NYU as long as she is accepted. Sara is also interested in Dave, a gorgeous guy in her high school that she has been eyeing. The alternate narrator is not Dave, however, but rather is Tobey, a musically inclined, not very motivated senior who is intersted in Sara. When Dave asks Sara out and she accepts and the two become a couple Tobey has to figure out how he wants to proceed. Sara originally thought Dave would be the perfect boyfriend but is quickly figuring out that the two don't have much in common and while he may appear to be perfect, that is not reality. Sara also begins to notice Tobey and starts to have feelings for him - the two have many conversations as folder partners in Music Theory class where they both realize how much they have in common. A few other problems arise in the book - whether Sara will get in to NYU, whether Tobey can motivate himself to raise his GPA and get into college, and how serious their relationship will be - Sara hoping to experience her "first time" with Tobey only to find out he has already been with someone else. There is no great climax or major action in this book, but I enjoyed When It Happens and hope that Colasanti continues to turn out more young adult novels.
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