Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Back To School Picture Books

We are officially back to school at my house. Yesterday was the first day for my girls to go and today is the first day kids are at my school. I am still getting things ready in the library, and don't officially start classes until Monday, but have been pulling books for teachers and putting up book displays, along with trying to start out the year being organized.
I was happy to see a box from Amazon at my house yesterday afternoon since I had ordered two books to share with my classes at school. Of course I tried them out last night on my test audience who enjoyed both books a lot.
Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School by Herman Parish and Lynne Avril is a new look at Amelia. In this book Amelia is just a child, unlike the rest of the Amelia books. She is starting school and is quite confused by many things the teacher tells her to do. When her teacher wants to put a tag on her, Amelia starts running around playing tag. My girls' favorite part was when Amelia was instructed to stay glued to her chair. Being Amelia and taking everything literally you can guess what she does. While my second grader had heard Amelia Bedelia books before, this was my kindergartener's first time and I watched to see if she would "get it." I stopped and talked at various times so she would understand the joke - the colorful illustrations are also great in showing young readers how Amelia's intrepretation of directions is different than what the speaker meant. This is a cute new addition to the Amelia Bedelia collection.
Marley Goes To School by John Grogan is now the third picture book depicting the lovable dog made popular in the adult book, Marley and Me. This time Marley gets out of his fenced in back yard and makes his way to school to find Cassie, his young owner. Of course Marley manages to get into mischief and make some trouble. This book was a hit in our house, although I felt it was perhaps not quite as funny as the previous picture books about Marley. Maybe I am just being picky because my kids certainly didn't seem any less enthusiastic about this book, though.
I predict that tonight I will get to re-read both new books. Yay for some cute new back to school titles on our shelves.

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