Sunday, August 23, 2009

Standing By (adult book)

Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War by Alison Buckholtz is the latest memoir I have read, actually looking forward to my treadmill runs to get to read more.

Buckholtz married into the military. Her husband, Scott, is a Navy officer who has had to leave his family for deployments overseas. While away, his wife cares for their family and keeps them going. Not having grown up in the military, this way of life is new to Buckholtz. After beginning her marriage to her husband and the military, Buckholtz is left with many thoughts about this way of life. This is her family's story, but stories of her military friends and their successes and struggles are also portrayed in this memoir. While Buckholtz at first believed she was different than typical military wives, having had a career prior to getting married, she soon realizes this is only partially true. Each woman has their own unique background. Some are highly educated and others are not. It is true that military life makes it difficult for spouses to pursue a career as they are often moving and unable to stay at one job for an extended period. Buckholtz is lucky i that she is able to work from home and can take her job with her. While there are benefits to military life, it is true that the children of those who serve learn some of life's lessons at a young age. Her own children struggled when their father left them for deployments, and a normal family life was something they all craved. However, Scott's service to his country is important to him as well.

Because we have been at war for a long time now, Buckholtz's memoir is one that many military families can relate to, and one that those of us outside the military can learn from. It is easy for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to not make it into my thoughts on a daily basis, while for these military families, each and every moment of separation is felt.

To find out more about Buckholtz, or read her other articles, visit her website

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