Monday, August 10, 2009


Jelly Belly was such a hit with my daughters...what could follow that? Well, I still have stacks of books from school to get through and one in particular looked like one that a seven-almost-eight and five-almost six-year old would like. Sassy by Sharon Draper has been another hit at my house. Sassy is just that kind of girl....sassy. Her mother named her that because when she was born she stuck her tongue out. Sassy has an older sister and brother and is tired of everyone calling her "little sister" instead of by her name. Right now Sassy is the smallest one in her class, but she has a big personality. She also carries a purse, or Sassy Sack, with her wherever she goes. That purse contains everything a person could ever need- and Sassy is always able to help out in crisis by digging something out of her purse. When her grandmother, a successful storyteller comes to school and needs new batteries in her microphone, Sassy comes to the rescue. When her best friend's mother needs some superglue, all Sassy needs to do is look in her Sassy Sack.

This book is fun and one we started reading just two days ago. Tonight my girls are off to grandma's for a sleepover and they took Sassy with them. I will have to finish it on my own. (Luckily this is just the beginning of a series, so I may have an opportunity for more fun with Sassy). I should be relishing this time - cleaning, exercising, or reading...but it's awful lonely here without the constant noise, and I haven't accomplished a single thing.
Visit Sharon Draper's blog.

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