Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perfectly Imperfect

Lee Woodruff, wife of news anchor Bob Woodruff, has just published a new book, Perfectly Imperfect. In this memoir-ish book, Woodruff writes chapters on various parts of her life - motherhood, the relationship between mothers and sons, her own father, having a pet. In each chapter I felt as though Lee and I could be good friends. As the oldest of three daughters, Lee comes from a solid and loving family, and while she married a man who became very successful after they had already been married for a while, her own life prior to this was very normal. Woodruff and her husband had already written a book together, In An Instant, which chronicled Bob's injuries and recoveries after being hit by a bomb in Iraq where he was reporting from. I enjoyed Lee's frank account of what life is like when you are experiencing a tragedy and the way she was able to cope with things. Lee again touches on Bob's injuries and the way their family was affected by this. Now three years later Bob is doing remarkably well, but Lee offers some words of wisdom in her final chapter as she shares tips with others on how to help friends and family who may be coping with a tragedy of their own, or wanting to help others through difficult times.

I enjoyed revisiting Lee in her latest book and hope she offers another glimpse into her family in the future. To read more about Lee's books, check out her website.

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