Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I'm just a bit too young to have watched Art Linkletter's show Kids Say the Darndest Things. I have seen little snippets that have been replayed on television, so I understand the premise of the show. When I was nine or ten and my family would travel on a Saturday to see my aging grandparents living in a small Iowa town, I would try to find something to amuse myself in their house. The one book I returned to time after time was Kids Say the Darndest Things, a collection of humorous conversations from the television show. I no longer have to read any book to find my daily quota of humor. In just the past week my daughters' friends have provided me with several humorous comments worth more than a chuckle.

I have been told by one girl that her father takes a VERY long time in the bathroom. He even takes his newspaper in there.

I have also been told that one girl's mother is going to take some medicine so she doesn't have any more babies.

Because I work in a school there are many opportunities for kids to say the darndest things. During my first year of teaching my mother and I taught in a small Lutheran school. She taught kindergarten and I had first and second grade. Being a small town, we knew every student and their families quite well. When one of my mother's kindergarten students told her all about how his parents showered together, that was all we could think about each time they came in to school to pick up their son.

While I may remember some of the humorous comments kids make I know that some fade away over time. Any teacher who kept track could write their own version of Kids Say the Darndest Things....our students and own children provide such great entertainment!

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