Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reading and Re-reading Bedtime Stories

There are two bedtime stories that we have been doing re-readings of. My two year old insists on most nights, "read 'gain, read 'gain" to almost every book we finish, but even my two older girls have liked Natalie and Naughtily by Vincent X Kirsch and Topsy Turvy Bedtime by Joan Levine.
Natalie and Naughtily are sisters, and the title suggests that one might have a hard time behaving. While this is depicted in the pictures, it is never overtly stated in the text. In fact, I had to go back and re-read it myself and look at the pictures to really see if Naughtily was naughty. These girls live on the top floor of a department store their family owns, and they have some fun adventures on each floor. We have checked this book out from the library twice now and it is still being chosen as the one we should read before bed.
Arathusala in Topsy Turvy Bedtime gets to act as the parent, and her parents the children. She discovers what it is like to try and put children to bed when they whine, complain, and generally waste time in the process. Maybe my children can see a bit of themselves in the parents as they try to avoid bedtime. And Arathusala's annoyance with them is also comical. Tony Auth, who illustrates Topsy Turvy Bedtime has created pictures we have had a lot of fun looking at....Arathusala is awfully small and her parents quite tall--something both my older daughters have commented on at different times.
I have been working on a few other grown up books as well as looking over my stack (or stacks there are sooooo many) of books I brought home from school and checked out from the library. The problem is now that I have too many choices. I am hoping for a little leisure reading time tonight, and probably another re-reading of some favorite picture books.

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