Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maybe I Really Do Have Too Many Books

Shh! I can't say that too loud! My husband and my mother have been telling me I have too many books for years now, and I have always answered, "you can never have too many books!" Mostly I believe that, but there have been a few times I have wondered. Like when we moved to the house we currently live in and every single friend who helped us looked at all of my books and had nothing good to say. And like last night when my daughter wanted to read a book that I know we own, but I couldn't find it no matter how hard or long I searched. We have been reading the Little House books and just finished On the Banks of Plum Creek. We have By The Shores of Silver Lake all ready and waiting for us. However, I brought up to my girls that there are a few years in between when Plum Creek ends and SilverLake starts that Laura didn't write about because they were so sad. This is when her brother was born and died. I told them how Cynthia Rylant wrote a book about this time period and they decided we should read that one next. What a great plan....except after digging through boxes of books I can't find it anywhere. This happens to me fairly frequently. So, maybe I should stop buying books....but I don't really think that is the problem. I think I should buy some bookshelves. This has been discussed with my husband several times without a lot of enthusiasm on his part. Since I don't plan to get rid of my books this seems a logical conclusion. I'll just have to keep working on him, and until he changes his mind, continue digging through box after box of books until I find what I need.


Janssen said...

How in the world did I not know about this in-between book? I am a huge Little House fan, but apparently not huge enough!

peaceful reader said...

I think you need to just get some book cases your self and we could have a book party putting them on the shelves with you!! Sounds like a great summer project since we would be able to work on curriculum.