Monday, April 13, 2009

Gooney Bird Is So Absurd

I am reading Gooney Bird Is So Absurd by Lois Lowry. I can't believe that I have never read the Gooney Bird books before. I am loving this one! I am not overly excited about Junie B., and this is a great substitute. I actually think I would equate it to Amber Brown, who I also enjoy. This title focuses on Gooney Bird and her class learning about poetry - perfect for April, National Poetry Month. I am thoroughly enchanted by the way poetry is introduced and a part of the story created by Lowry. This book is smart, funny, and clever and I am so excited to use it with my classes and at home with my daughters. In addition, to the subject of poetry that the kids are learning about, Mrs. Pidgeon is also teaching them about the aging and death of her mother. This book is wonderful, and I am highly recommending it to all young readers.

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