Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everyone Is Beautiful

Last weekend I read Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center and enjoyed it thoroughly. While I wouldn't call this book chick lit, it is a fun and fast read. Lanie Gilbert, mom to three small boys is overwhelmed when she and her husband move from Houston to Cambridge, Massachusetts. In her busy-ness to care for growing family, Lanie has lost a bit of herself. On her first day in Cambridge she is embarassed at the park when another mother asks her when she is due - even though she hasn't been pregnant for ten months. Lanie sets about to reclaim some of herself - taking up photography, starting to exercise, and developing some friendships with other adults - all things she had neglected for a while. Other problems befall Lanie: she and her husband go through some trying times as well. It is the ending that I most enjoyed. Lanie never achieves perfection, but she is able to see beauty in herself and in others.

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Katherine Center said...

Hooray! Thank you for this lovely review of my book! I'm so glad to hear that you liked it, and I so appreciate your posting about it!
Many good wishes!
Katherine Center