Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Sort of Funny Story

I am in the middle of reading The Agency by Ally O'Brien and loving it. It is a good, chick lit book, and fun to read. Yesterday I was basically carrying the book with me from room to room. At one point I had my mother and father in-law outside watching my three daughters on the swing set. The inlaws had just stopped by for a second and wanted me to come out as soon as I was ready (having interrupted my shower after a run). So, I was gathering dirty clothes and shoes and the book I was planning on taking outside to read while I watched three kids. I quickly threw the load of clothes in, yelled something outside, put on tennis shoes, and then couldn't find the book. Things like this happen to me from time to time and since my house is messy it is no surprise that I might not be able to automatically spot the one item I am looking for --sort of like hunting for a needle in a haystack. I kept looking, retraced my steps, looked some more. The only place I hadn't looked was in the washer. I couldn't really imagine throwing a book (and a library book no less) in the washer, but there weren't really many more options of where to look. I tried to open the washer, but it is a front loading one and I couldn't get it to open or stop. I sweated my way through the 53 minute wash cycle trying to figure out how I was going to explain this to anyone - I was advised not to tell my husband, but I am pretty sure my kids would have taken care of that. Well, 53 minutes later my daughters looked for me because I just couldn't bear to..... and ---no book in the washer. I kept looking and looking and looking...finally I happened to stop in our entry way that is loaded with bookbags, backpacks, shoes, coats, mittens, you name it, and opened each bag up. There in my daughter's back pack was my book. Not quite sure how/why it ended up there, but I have started reading again and am almost finished.

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peaceful reader said...

LOL!! You probably picked something else up that actually went in the backpack and your book went with it. This matches my accidental recycling of two of Tristan's checks! He is not happy with me but I have called and confirmed that they can rewrite the checks for me!! Oops.