Monday, March 30, 2009

Scrambled States books

Several years ago I read The Scrambled States by Laurie Keller. I loved this book and so did the classes I read it to. Now Keller has returned with a new Scrambled States book - The Scrambled States of America Talent Show. This book is as charming and funny as Keller's first.
I have shared this book with a variety of age levels now and am always happy to see that each group enjoys it. From first through fifth grade, students giggle at the story, look to find our state or others they have been to, and are engaged by this book. The older students probably "get" some of the jokes a bit more because they have more background knowledge to understand what makes some things funny.
In the Scrambled States of America Talent Show the states decide to hold a talent show- each state contributing in some way. Some states work behind the scenes and others perform various acts. All are amusing. Of course at the end of the night the states return to their homes to discuss their production and all agree that it was a great success. I can only hope that Keller will contribute a few more adventures in her Scrambled States series.

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