Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Lincoln book

Oh, how lucky I am that this was Abraham Lincoln's bicentennial birthday because there are so many great new books about him that have just been published and it has totally renewed my minor obsession with him. It has also caused my two oldest daughters to want to know more about him. On Saturday my oldest daughter started and finished the new Who is Abraham Lincoln book that I bought from a Scholastic book order. I also received Our Abe Lincoln which was adapted by Jim Aylesworth and illustrated by Barbara McClintock from the picnic basket website. This is such a cute book for lower grades about our sixteenth president. The illustrations are darling, and the repetitive text is fun as well. The fact that this is a song with the music included in the front cover gives another way of using this story. Unfortunately most library copies will have the flaps glued down to cover a portion of the music. The Author's note at the end of this book includes information about each verse of the song, giving a little more detail about Lincoln's life. I can see many teachers using this and I am even planning on teaching my own girls the tune to this song and reading/singing it with them at bedtime.

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