Saturday, January 3, 2009

Book Challenges

It seems every book blogger has a challenge to write about or take part in. Being new at this blogging, I am still trying to figure everything out, but have found a couple challenges I plan on taking part in.
The first is at where Amy is hosting a challenge to read 12 books that you purchased in 2009. Considering the number of books I purchase that part of the challenge won't be a problem. I am not always so good at reading what I buy. I know I am going to have those books around for as long as I need, while the stack of library books I have checked out needs to be read in a more timely manner. Still, I am quite sure I read well over 12 books I owned last year, and am looking forward to this challenge.
The other challenge is found at This challenge consists of reading five books taking place during World War II or about World War II. There is a reading list available on the website that, having just perused, seems to be quite comprehensive. I already have five titles listed and after having read that list have added a few more to my list of books I want to read.
There is a third challenge I am contemplating joining as well that I read about on Becky's Book Reviews. The challenge is to read historical romances which wouldn't seem so exciting to me except that Becky mentioned how she was planning on reading Sunfire Romances. I LOVED these books when I was growing up and ended up purchasing all of them from eBay so I could have my own collection. Every time I mention these books to someone around my age I always get a rather blank look and no one else apparently loved them as much as me, or even remembers them for that matter. Once Becky mentioned reading them I was sold.
Three challenges might seem rather pathetic to the true book blogger, but I figure this is at least a start, and knowing how well I procrastinate, might find myself reading frantically at the end of 2009 to try and finish these challenges that now appear so doable.


Anonymous said...

You know I remember Sunfire romances. I'm sure I'm not included in that everyone comment about blank looks.


Liliana Lucki said...

From Argentina.

Art love,art .Solo me manejo en EspaƱol.

Muy bueno lo tuyo.

Pinto ,es lo que me apasiona.Te saluda ,Liliana.