Monday, December 15, 2008


Prey by Lurlene McDaniels is a rather disturbing story. I enjoyed the book, which seems not quite right to say since the topic is a bit sensitive. Ryan is a fifteen year old high school student living with a single father. When his new and very attractive history teacher starts showing interest in him, Ryan is happy to take her up on all her offers. The two begin an affair they manage to keep a secret until his good friend, Honey, suspicious about what is going on with her friend, finds the emails he has kept from Ms. Settles. There are different news stories I remember hearing about teachers who are attracted to their students, so I know this is something that does go on. However, it is disturbing and creepy. Every time I hear another story along these lines I am shocked. McDaniels does a good job of writing a book appropriate for teen readers. While it is no secret that Ryan and Ms. Settles are having an affair she is careful to avoid any graphic sex scenes. The ending is interesting, and not what I had initially expected. Yet again, McDaniels ending is probably quite realistic for this type of situation. I am not a big Lurlene McDaniels fan. I read her a few of her books in junior high and high school and they just seem so sappy and depressing - at least that is what I remember about them. This book is a departure from her usual writing and I am happy I took time to read it.

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