Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Shopping

In just a week Christmas will be over. What a relief! I keep finding more reasons to make trips to Target every day. It seems that my original list of who should get gifts and what those might be has morphed into something much bigger.

A month or so ago when I asked my girls what they wanted they each had a few things to request. Some were good ideas. They didn't bring up wanting books, but maybe that is because they know they will get some anyway. I asked them if they wanted books. My oldest daughter said she did, but my middle daughter said, "No thanks," which shouldn't really be surprising. She likes books enough, but does not have the love affair with them that my oldest daughter and I do. My youngest daughter, at two, was not asked since I am not sure I could trust her answer.

So I did buy them a bunch of books, but I have decided just to wrap them all up and not put any one child's name on the packages. That way no one can complain about what book they got or all wanting the same one, since I am not buying duplicate copies of books to have at home.

My books (to be wrapped and given away to my children):
Drummer Boy by Loren Long - I have read so many good reviews, but won't let myself read it so I can have something to look forward to on Christmas Day, too.
A Very Marley Christmas by John Grogan which I reviewed earlier. We read the children's novel as a family last year.
Christmas Cookies: Bite Size Holiday Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I loved her first book which I think makes a great gift
America: The Making of a Nation by Charlie Samuels, a nice history book for kids about our nation; another great gift book
Time for Kids Almanac 2009 - full of intriguing facts and tidbits for my trivia buff
to be purchased: Guiness Book of World Records 2009 - another great book to spend hours upon hours looking through

I wish I had an unlimited budget to buy more books for my girls. There are so many new, great books I want to read and share with them.

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