Sunday, May 22, 2022

Monday Mini-Reviews: A Pair of Rom-Coms

I read a few rom-coms each year, but in the past few years I would have said that I have moved away from books largely considered chick-lit. 

And then, this past weekend I picked up two rom-coms in a row.  I was busy at state track and had packed a bag of books to keep myself occupied.  I watched a ton of racing, but I also found time while sitting in the stands, to read two entire books.


I've read Emily Henry's first two novels and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Book Lovers, Henry's latest is perhaps my favorite.  This one features Nora, a book agent, and her sister, Libby, who visit a small North Carolina town where Nora continues to run into Charlie Lastra, a book editor who turned down a book that Nora tried to sell him.  Although their initial interactions weren't good, the two find themselves attracted to each other.  This is a pretty predictable rom com, but that is exactly what I liked about it.  

Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman has some similarities to Book Lovers.  Chani Horowtiz is a writer sent to interview movie star, Gabe Parker.  The two spend three days together that are a little bit incredible.  Ten years have passed and Parker has been in and out of rehab when Chani and Gabe reunite for another interview.  Of course, the attraction they felt for each other a decade ago is still just as strong as ever.  As rom-coms go, this one is delightful.  Predictable, fun, with a good love story.

I'm not sure when I'll be ready for another rom-com, but my twenty year old daughter loves this type of book right now. I've already added them to her bookshelf so that when she returns from college she'll have some new things to read.

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